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Why choose School Creations for your new website?

Building your own website and exploring the internet can be both exciting and challenging. Although it may be possible to create a simple website fairly quickly and easily, it requires considerable technical expertise in order to achieve professional quality results that are acceptable in terms of their appearance and functionality.

It is also important to bear in mind that a website is never finished - like a newspaper or magazine, a website needs constant updating and refreshing in order to keep it up to date and to maintain the interest of its viewers - once the initial novelty of having your own website has worn off, a certain amount of time still needs to be spent each month to keep your website topical and interesting.

You have three main options:

  1. Build the site yourself - a good idea if you have the necessary technical skills and time to devote to the project.
  2. Use an "off the shelf" standard product - can produce acceptable results, but usually requires some technical expertise from you and can be inflexible due to the use of proprietary editing suites that generate non-standard code. This can be very difficult to maintain and integrate with normal website code, and is often an expensive purchase.
  3. Choose School Creations to create a new site to your own requirements and specification, based on standard modules to keep the price down - requires no technical expertise whatsoever from you and gives you maximum flexibility plus the ability to update the site yourself using just your web browser.

How does it work?

You supply us with any content you want to include on your website, and we'll put it all together. We will utilise any particular requirements you may have, such as site structure, links and looks. Easy!

We estimate it will be possible to complete your site within one week, once we have all the site content (including pictures, photos and text) and have discussed with you any particular requirements that you may have.